The Referral Corner: Diversity Education Resources

Welcome to: “The Referral Corner“!

As student leaders, we know that your continuous efforts to educate others can be both time consuming and energy depleting. VOICE National wanted to provide you with a few resources that can aid in your education endeavors; both for yourselves and for your peers. These resources by no means are all-encompassing but, they can serve as an easy reference for you to direct others to.  They are separated by categories and, taken together, covers a great deal of information regarding Communication, Social Justice, Multiculturalism, Diversity, Inclusivity, Equality and Equity.

Communication & Self-Identity

Social Justice

Multiculturalism & Diversity

Culture & Inclusivity

Equality & Equity

Indicates that this is a book that we can’t necessarily publish online but, they are available for at a low-cost on Amazon!

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