Photo Submissions!

Hello Everyone!

We would absolutely LOVE to receive your photos! Please follow the following steps in order to submit your photos:

  1. Take Pictures at ALL of your events!
  2. Collect and place ALL of your photos into a PowerPoint Presentation
    1. Be sure to make a comment (in the comments section of the PPT) which tells us which event(s) the pictures are from
  3. Send your PowerPoint Presentations to us via an email to
  4. Your Email Subject should state, for example, “UMN Photo Submission”

Please ONLY send these at either:

  1. End of the Fall Semester Deadline: December 30
    1. Which should contain all photos from activities held during the Summer (May 15th – August 15th) and Fall (August 15th – December 15th)
  2. End of the Spring Semester Deadline: May 15
    1. Which should contain all photos from your chapter’s activities during the Winter Breaks, Spring Breaks, and the Spring Semester (January 16th – May 15th)
    2. This submission can also include any Fall Semester Photos that wasn’t submitted at the previous deadline (i.e. for the entire Academic Year).

If this is chosen as your submission option, then you should still only submit ONE PowerPoint Presentation.